March 15, 2021

Feeling lonely is a terrible thing. We are experiencing a great deal of loneliness around the world. Right now there is definitely loneliness in America. Should we be concerned? Here is a surprising loneliness cure when loneliness kills and seeks to defeat you.

Surprising loneliness cure when loneliness kills

First: Loneliness Defined

Loneliness is the state of being alone and feeling sad about it. ... It's a feeling of sadness or even anxiety that occurs when you want company. On the other hand, it is possible to feel loneliness in a crowd, especially if you aren't interacting with others, like in a crowded subway car or busy grocery store.

The following describe lonely:

  1. Being without company: Solitary
  2. Not frequented by human beings: Desolate
  3. Feeling sad from being alone: Lonesome
  4. Producing a feeling of bleakness or desolation: Emptiness

Loneliness really hurts and it can produce chronic and life-threatening conditions if it persists.  Loneliness can kill you if you do not deal with it.

Second: Does Feeling Lonely Mean I'm Doing Something Wrong?

Surprising loneliness cure when loneliness kills

Loneliness feelings do not always mean you are doing something bad or wrong. Sometimes feeling lonely just happens when difficult things come your way. 

  • Loneliness after a breakup can make you feel sad and isolated.
  • Loneliness in the elderly comes as part of the natural aging process.
  • People feel lonely when certain season come, like loneliness of autumn.
  • Changes in physical condition like loneliness health issues a person faces.

So many people around the world have felt lonely in the year due to the circumstance of the pandemic and COVID-19 with its unending isolation.

Quite often loneliness is a natural reaction to difficult circumstance or changes in one's life or situations.

The key understand here is to find creative and healthy ways to deal with the loneliness that life brings your way.

Third: Surprising loneliness Cure When Loneliness Seeks To Kill, There Is Hope

Surprising loneliness cure when loneliness kills

The shocking truth is that loneliness if it is not dealt with properly can indeed kill. Unhealthy loneliness or chronic loneliness can bring about a decrease in health, activity and lead to poor choices that can ultimately lead to sickness and death. These include:

  • Overeating and eating poor nutrition foods to escape the pain of loneliness.
  • Getting consumed by the pain of a loss or a bad situation and dwelling too much on loneliness hurts.
  • Sitting in front of the TV and binge watching movies and losing sleep and exercise.

Loneliness kills, not suddenly but one day and one breath or one sigh at a time.

Fourth: Surprising loneliness Cure When Loneliness Kills

Surprising loneliness cure when loneliness kills

The loneliness cure does not depend on the tough circumstance going away or the situation you are facing disappearing.  

The cure is totally up to you because it begins inside of you with what you think and feel and do. There are many things you can do to improve your thinking and your feeling better about yourself.

While a person may need medical help for the physical results of chronic loneliness, the long-lasting cure comes with new thoughts and ideas about oneself and one's situation around them.

Too often a person believes that they will not be happy, or at peace, or satisfied or feel better until things change around them in a way they want them to change.  

Now many things in the world do need to change. But what do you do with yourself until they do change for the better?

The one BIG thing we can change right away is what we think and feel and do.

Fifth: Loneliness Help Is Finally Here

Let me repeat to you: There is a surprising loneliness cure when loneliness kills

Surprising loneliness cure when loneliness kills

You do not have to suffer the crushing results of loneliness in America and around the world.  Loneliness hurts, but you do not have to hurt forever. There is a loneliness cure. Here is the surprising loneliness cure when loneliness kills.

I have created a FREE 5 Day challenge called "Lonely No More."

You do not have to live in 

  • Loneliness in relationship
  • In this current loneliness epidemic
  • Loneliness effects that tear you down.
  • Loneliness disorder

Sixth: Set Yourself Free From Loneliness

In this 5 Day training I will share with you how you can reprogram your thinking so that you can get on top of your loneliness and lonely producing circumstances.

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Put an end to the crippling results of isolation, defeat and despair. Join the "Lonely No More" tribe and set yourself free from pain and fill your life with peace and happiness.

Can Loneliness Kill You: A Surprising Loneliness Cure
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Can Loneliness Kill You: A Surprising Loneliness Cure
Loneliness happens to all of us when we face life's trials. But when being lonely becomes chronic and stops living it can slowly kill you. There is a cure for despairing and deadly loneliness.
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